IP Widget privacy policy

By default IP Widget does not transmit any data to the internet.

If you enable features like external ip address, hostname, city or country, the widget will make a request to an external web server to retrieve these information (https://dieter-thiess.de/ip3.php and several mirrors to reduce the server load – mirror Is chosen randomly at each request). These requests do not contain any personal information. In the user-agent field of the request the app version, Android version and device language are included. This might be used for internal statistics about the spread of different app versions in the future for better planning of new features and support for older Android versions. At the moment this data is not processed or saved. Access log files at the server are rotated weekly and will be deleted after 4 weeks. No data will be stored on the external web server.

Location permission (ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION, ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION, BACKGROUND_LOCATON) are used for displaying information at are not transmitted at any time.


If there are questions about IP Widget and the permissions, contact dieter.thiess@gmail.com